Ana De Saracho O’Brien

Directora de Asuntos Públicos, Regulación y Mayorista

Telefónica México

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Gabriel Cejudo


Virgin Mobile Mexico

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Leslie Bonilla

Category Lead Mobile

Mercado Libre

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Raúl Cornejo

Director Transformación Digital Ecommerce


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Ricardo Del Río Guerrero

Director Ejecutivo de Relación con Operadores y Servicios de Valor Agregado

Altán Redes

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José Luis Maca

Coordinador de Sistemas MVNO/E


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Mario Domínguez

VP of Partner & Business Development

Flō Networks

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Alejandro Corsi

Founder & CEO

Diri Telecomunicaciones

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Christian Jeftee Galan Torres

Director de Servicios Móviles


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Patricio Zorrilla



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Bernardo Vásquez Colmenares

Vicepresidente Ejecutivo


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Our Research Highlights

5G advances in Latam at the price of an impoverished ARPU

The development of 5G in Latin America is still in its infancy. In 2023, the technology represented around 6% of the total number of mobile lines in service and although it had been developed in 12 countries, 95% of customers were distributed among only four: Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. The deployment times of the technology are at least one year behind those of 4G and the development context is also very different: the current ARPU is 43% lower than a decade ago. Although it has a slow start, the technology will consolidate from 2024 and is expected to be dominant from 2028.

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Virtual mobile flourishes in Mexico, but there is low interest in buying spectrum

As of Q1 2023, MVNOs accounted for almost 8% of Mexico's mobile access, which made the Mexican MVNO market the largest in the region. This segment is experiencing accelerated growth and has tripled in size since 2021. Although there is a multitude of mobile virtual players in Mexico, three layers with different interests can be recognized: we count first the "pure" MVNOs specialized in specific segments, then those linked to telecommunications companies, and finally the services linked to retail companies. The paradox is that while the virtual business is flourishing, the physical network business is going through a period of uncertainty.

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